20 MBA Thesis Ideas in the Field of Marketing

Most students will agree that it can be really hard to come up with an original and interesting MBA thesis or dissertation idea in the area of marketing. The field is always changing and both professionals and students are always jumping on the latest trending topics. We’ve put together this list of the latest MBA marketing hot points:

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Questions

  1. Do start-ups and small businesses need to hire a dedicated social media director to compete with larger companies?
  2. What are the most important experts a business should include in a so-called “marketing dream team”?
  3. How do small business owners manage an effective social media marketing policy without a dedicated manager to handle this area?
  4. Why are social media dashboards so important to a functioning marketing program? What tools should these dashboards include?
  5. In what ways has social media communication changed the way small businesses market to their target audiences?
  6. How does a marketing manager identify and target a group of potential customers by only using the information available on the web?
  7. What are the characteristics of a sound B2C market and how does an MBA graduate go about creating the right segments?
  8. In what ways do social media managers use demographics and geography to create different marketing approaches for greater reach?
  9. Can a small business survive its first three years without implementing B2B research marketing of their target client groups?
  10. How do marketers use their knowledge of social media and the ways in which people use it to create custom business plans?

General MBA Marketing Dissertation Questions

  1. What techniques must an MBA Marketing Manager employ to accurately define market objects, generate communication strategies, and get results?
  2. How does a small business owner identify and the right media channels to use for his her business? What’s the difference between traditional and non-traditional marketing?
  3. Does timing matter when communicating with client bases via emails, newsletters, social media posts, and other branding collateral?
  4. Is it still beneficial to advertise on television or on the radio? In what ways has social media all but done away with the need to market oneself through traditional media?
  5. Do business owners and marketing managers need to hire a dedicated content creator to write impact messages that increase brand awareness?
  6. What are the negatives and positives of hiring outside content managers to follow through internal marketing strategies?
  7. What role do marketing managers have in creating the “big idea” that will increase brand awareness that brings in the most revenue?
  8. How important are trade shows and exhibitions towards tapping into new audiences? Consider the positive and negative effects on struggling small businesses?
  9. What is the intrinsic value in sharing presentations with potential investors when there is more likelihood of success in keeping a business small?
  10. Are marketers keeping up with the tools and resources that come with technological advancements? Are MBA graduates still considered an expert group in this field?

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